Accueil Polychromies Secrètes
musée des Augustins
Mairie Toulouse

The restoration of Nostre Dame de Grasse included a painstaking study of the different layers of paint covering it, which has made it possible to distinguish four intermediate stages between the original work and its current state.

These repaints are historic: they were carried out at a time when the sculpture was probably in a chapel and was an object of worship, which is why no-one hesitated to partially or totally repaint it when it became damaged.

Based on these different repaints, various games have been created, all calling on visual memory.

In Lost Details, the aim is to rebuild the statue using the different repaints, but without mixing them up!

In the Seven Mistakes, some repaints have been confused while creating a copy of the statue.

There are two 3-D puzzles which involve rebuilding the statue. In the first, various pieces of the statue must be replaced; in the second, the repaints have been muddled up.

Lastly, for the most seasoned, a virtual statue must be recreated making as few mistakes as possible! (This uses the principle of the famous game Tetris.)